The Hitachi NR90AE(S) is a framing nailer that I knew I needed to attempt. Being named the best Hitachi framing nailer by numerous clients, I needed to see what I was absent. Hitachi is an understood brand and has delivered outstanding models quite a long time. So how can this model contrast with others I have attempted? To begin with, I needed to rapidly review the particulars that are seen.

Hitachi Framing NailerSpecifications

  • Nails: Up to 3.5 inches.
  • Weight: 7.5 pounds.
  • Measurements: 20.8 x 4.9 x 7.5 Inches
  • Sort: Pneumatic.
  • Controlled: Air.
  • Working Pressure: 70 to 120 PSI.
  • Alteration: Tool-less.
  • Insurance: Hardened Claw Tip.
  • Magazine Capacity: 64 nails.
  • Point: 21 Degree.
  • Guarantee: 5 Year.

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My Review of the NR90AE(S)

I was joyful to attempt this air-fueled nailer just on the grounds that it looks exceptionally smooth. When I lifted it up, I understood exactly how incredible the NR90AE(S) feels and performs.

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Only 7.5 pounds, this nailer is anything but difficult to lift over my head and drives nails easily. The air compressor hose may add somewhat more weight to this altogether, yet it is exceptionally insignificant, best case scenario. After getting a handle on this model, you will see that it fits consummately in your grasp. The grasp is one of the best I have ever felt with an ergonomic outline that is simply great. My fingers wrapped around the handle effortlessly which I accept made the weight a non-variable.

Replaceable Magazine

Dropping this model from a high stature may bring about harm. All things considered, anybody that has worked in an expert situation with a framing nailer realizes that a drop means the end of the nailer 99% of the time. This Hitachi model can have its magazine effectively supplanted, which renders drops safe much of the time.

Nail Type

There are nail degrees that change incredibly, however Hitachi guaranteed that this nailer utilizes a 21 degree point. This is the most widely recognized nail degree being used. You can drive 2 – 3.5-inch nails without an issue, and there is a two-piece magazine being used with an aggregate nail limit of 64.

Driving Modes

In addition to the fact that i was ready to change the profundity effortlessly, I was likewise ready to change the driving modes. Both single and quick fire modes exist which make driving nails a breeze. With single mode, it is conceivable to drive one nail at once gradually. At the point when in a business setting, you can change this nailer to fast fire and drive nails rapidly and effectively.


The one advantage that I like around an air-fueled nailer is that clamor is kept low. I could nail quick and productively without much commotion delivered by any stretch of the imagination. This is a noteworthy advantage over gas-fueled models that are uproarious.

Hitachi NR90AE(S) Video Review

The Cons

Exceptional Heat Can Cause Jamming. There have been gripes from a couple of clients about the NR90AE(S) sticking much of the time when utilized under serious warmth. Evidently, this nailer doesn’t function admirably in hot climate particularly amid the late spring. While I have not experience this issue, it is something that you ought to observe.

No Rafter Hook. There is not a beam snare included, which was frustrating. While not a major issue, crossbeam snares unquestionably prove to be useful when at work.

It is safe to say that this is the Best Hitachi Framing Nailer?

The Hitachi NR90AE(S) may not be the best Hitachi framing nailer available, yet it is the best Hitachi model evaluated at under $200. For home utilize, this is the perfect nailer to take care of business. With respect to me, I would even now incline toward the Hitachi NR90GR2 over the NR90AE(S).

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