Framing with a nail weapon is speedier, less demanding and more productive than pounding by hand. The PFR2190 offers a 21-degree full-head, so I knew it was worth giving an attempt. It’s additionally supported by perfect high appraising audits. In this Freeman PFR2190 21-degree full-head framing nailer review, I’ll dive more profound into the elements that matter most when framing.

Freeman PFR2190 21 DegreeFreeman PFR2190 Features

  • Tough: Magnesium development
  • Weight: 14.5 pounds
  • Guarantee: 7 years
  • Power: Air-Powered
  • Trigger: Dual trigger alternatives
  • Profundity: without tool modification
  • Debilitate: Adjustable port for 360-degree solace

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Freeman does not frustrate with the PFR2190. This model is ideal for the DIYer or the expert on a development site. This nailer can be utilized for framing, fencing, open air ventures, rooftop decking, sub-floors and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Trigger Adjustments

A champion element that truly puts the force in the hands of the client. There are double triggers that can be picked by the client for:

  • Single firing
  • Contact firing

Contact firing is perfect when the client is nailing one nail after another and has all the correct rigging on, however contact firing likewise prompts damage when legitimate wellbeing safety measures are not took after. The capacity to discharge a solitary shot or contact shot adds exactness to the nailing background.

Conformities Galore

The convenience is just unmatched. Clients can modify the fumes port an entire 360 degrees to guarantee fumes is never in their face. There is likewise a dust top and air channel for clean operation, and an apparatus free profundity conformity to take care of business speedier.

Force and Precision

Strip stacking takes into consideration quick use, while the Teflon O-rings make less erosion while moving the nailer along the surface of a casing. The 21-degree full-head and no-blemish cushioning takes into account exactness nailing while likewise shielding the work surface from harm all the while.

Exceptionally trustworthy, I feel good conveying this framing weapon to any employment. Through my enormous utilization of this nailer, I’ve never had a sticking and constantly observed nails to be pushed flush into the surface.


Are there a couple of things I would change with this model? Completely, however they’re minor, best case scenario. Initially, and this was just once in a while, it appears that some nail strips are seen as void by this model when they have a couple nails left toward the end of the strip. I am not certain why this happens, but rather it happens rarely.

At the point when attempting to toenail, this model takes a bit of conforming. Evacuating the elastic guard to utilize a spiked tip will permit you to utilize the Freeman PFR2190 to perform a legitimate toenail. This is a need for framing, so you’ll get to be acclimated to removing the guard as often as possible – it takes seconds.

Indeed, even with the minor changes I would make to this model, it is still one of the best framing nailers available. The cost is to a great degree reasonable, and the solidness and usability make this the ideal model for tenderfoot and propelled clients.

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